Project Canyonlight’s ‘single pane of glass’ to support care takers updated

This project’ inital requirement was to reduce fear and anger and increase joy. The care takers were supported by simple technologies.

The image belows shows the requirements, a snapshot of the ‘single pane of glass'(dashboard) and the technology partners. The dashboard melds the convenience features with insightful data. Not shown is the notification capability to make the client aware of critical events throughout the day.

SEVAlogic core – Dashboard and communication platform

The SEVAlogic core module is now in production. It provides a dashboard and a communication platform.

The insights from the SEVA presence and activity modules are integrated into SEVAlogic core. Additional modules, as developed, will be integrated into the SEVAlogic core.

The SEVAlogic core provides a communication platform for the SEVA givers. Dashboard results, notes, as well as direct communication enables a meaningful view on the shared purpose.

SEVAlogic – A better front door to the digital life

Being aware of digital security and having assurance that the ‘front door’ to the digital world is secure is paramount is any situation especially for care givers who need one less thing to worry about.

SEVAlogic router is designed to protect.

Only entities that have been invited and comes in through the front door and optionally only those vetted can go out to the internet. All the rest are denied to even knock on the door.

A single entry point is allowed to come in via a state of the art VPN service.

All visited sights are logged for a four hour time window for a deeper analysis if required.

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SEVAlogic – Activity

We are happy to provide the Activity  SEVAlogic module to support SEVA givers. Activity level of  a person may provide valuable insights and actions to take to encourage the charge’ movement.

Chart 2 below shows the amount of time spent in room.

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SEVAlogic – Presence

The first module in this project is presence detection. This informs the SEVA giver if their charge is in the home/room or not. A wireless device such an an phone, iPad or watch is tracked by SEVAlogic. Chart below shows the result.

The chart is uploaded to the notification service at 8am, noon and 8pm. In addition if the person leaves the location a notification is sent to the SEVAgiver.

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